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“sexy, poignant, unpredictable stories”…”a masterclass in the art of short fiction”

An exuberant new collection from the acclaimed author of Nights I Dreamed of Hubert Humphrey and How Animals Mate. In Mueller’s latest, the central cycle of stories follows an upwardly mobile family navigating the late ‘60s in west Texas, with an adventurous young boy coming face to face with the era’s newly blurred lines around sex, race and family.

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“surprising, shocking and stunningly honest…”

In Disappearing Debutantes, disappearing and ever present “female beginners” come-of-age in fantasy and reality. As children, girls, teens, “new adults,” middle-aged women, and old women, they keep having their debuts and going unnoticed. Erased by gender, time, age, and those they most want to see them, neglected females become strange in hopes of being loved, being listened to, being understood, and being seen.


“unquittable… deserves to be read in conversation with the canon”

Bernard Aoust is a film professor at Berkeley, nearing retirement, who finds himself increasingly at odds with modern life. A Frenchman by birth, and an ideological child of May ‘68, Aoust is also obsessed with a long lost silent French film from 1923 and its obscure director, devoting his academic life to the film and banking on a new monograph to salvage his flagging career. After a series of unusual occurrences, the lost film plunges Aoust into an existential crisis. New from The Shortish Project.

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“a remarkably entertaining fusion of art, humor and morality”

A man walks into a bar and over the course of the night realizes everyone there is named Danny…. New from The Shortish Project.

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Now in our 10th year, Outpost19’s award-winning list of fiction and nonfiction books continues to grow. See what’s coming this Fall!

STARRED REVIEW! Publishers Weekly!: Thirteen Question Method by David L. Ulin, “a masterclass in noir that both honors and elevates the genre”

Rooted 2: The Best New Arboreal Nonfiction, edited by Josh MacIvor-Andersen. “Messy, symbiotic, beautiful.”

Master Lovers by David Winner, a twisted puzzle of love and fascism: “an unforgettable portrait of both a spirited, flawed, mysterious woman and a fascinating era”

Anything You Recognize by Daniel Mueller, a new joy-filled collection of short fiction, these “sexy, poignant, unpredictable stories explode across the page”

Disappearing Debutantes by Meg Pokrass and Aimee Parkison, a remarkable collection of flash fiction exploring women who “become strange in hopes of being loved, being listened to, being understood, and being seen.”

Gad’s Book by Dylan Bassett, a brilliant debut novel tracking the seduction of a young novelist by a group of charismatic activists. “A masochistic delight.”

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“A furious, darkly comic fable for this precise American moment” – J. Robert Lennon

“A tense and timely love story that probes the disastrous gulf between class and technology” – Ben Marcus

“Endlessly inquisitive… a worthy addition to the canon of messy, strange, and keen women” – Kirkus Reviews

“The Jim Jarmusch of Central Oklahoma zoo-fiction—contemplative and dreamy and in awe of the strange.” – Benjamin Warner

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Now in our 10th year, Outpost19 is an award-winning publisher of fine fiction and nonfiction books. Our authors and titles have been featured in indie and major media and favored by booksellers nationwide. Based in San Francisco. Jon Roemer, senior editor and publisher.

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