The Family Dolls: A Manson Paper & Play Book!

John Reed

with illustrations by Sungyoon Choi

105 pages

$25.00 paperback ISBN 9781944853792

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THE FAMILY DOLLS “toys with historical horror… allowing readers to consider the famous true crime story from new perspectives” – Publishers Weekly

John Reed’s latest, The Family Dolls: A Manson Paper & Play Book!, offers readers a participatory history of Charlie Manson and the whole Spahn Ranch gang. This true-crime, color-yourself paper doll craft book touts over thirty pages of Manson paper arts: cut-out dolls of Leslie and Gypsy, coloring pages of Bobby and Charlie, even a mask of Henry Kissinger—all your faves are here! Originally published in Guernica, The Family Dolls is the most cogent unraveling to date of the life and crimes of the Manson Family and the uniquely American moment that brought them about. With, bonus extra! exquisite, bloodstained illustrations by artist Sungyoon Choi.

John Reed is the author of three novels, three works of illustrated non-fiction, one collection of poetry, and one work by William Shakespeare. He has an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University, has been published in Art in America, Artforum, the Paris Review, the Times Literary Supplement, The PEN Poetry Series, the Wall Street Journal, Out, Vice, the New York Times, and Harpers, and has been anthologized in Best American Essays. His writing has been widely translated and his theatrical and media works have been performed and screened throughout the United States and internationally. More @easyreeder &

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