S H O R T - I S H


No rules, no repeats, no creative limitations,

and no anxieties. . . Just pure, blissful fun, spiced with a healthy pinch of self-mockery and irony. Does it get any gayer than that?

Grace Kelly epitomized fire under ice.

Though she insisted Hitchcock treated her “like a porcelain doll,” in Dial M for Murder he subjected her to a brutal beating scene that covered her in bruises. “Torture the women!” Hitchcock exclaimed.

There is no great sense of loss for those with limited expectations.

Inspired by the lives and careers Cardinal Francis Spellman and Cardinal Richard Cushing.

Bradley dresses like a child, and appears a child, against that sea of shirtsleeves and ties.

But like anything on a sea, he floats, he is above.

These people who think they are something, they are really not.

They come and go wrapped like gypsies at a carnival, sounding like artists, smelling of mildew. I can’t take them anymore.

I wanted to tell Dr. Martin everything. Dr. Martin was old enough to be my father.

He used product in his hair. Dr. Martin wore jeans that went into the freezer at night, instead of into the washing machine.

She bought a home down the hill from my own, a snug little number done up in wisteria.

Not so long ago she won a Golden Globe for her featured role in one of those paranormal romances. I hadn't seen the film, but I had heard good things. . .

I wake up to check my computer to see if I have posted anything I am now embarrassed by so I can delete it.

I get distracted by other things.

S H O R T - I S H


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