"suddenly I saw the white liberal community around me fearfully clinging to yesterday's status quo while still trying to maintain their progressive bona fides"

Kevin Allardice | Family Genus Species

"Every novel is political because every novel is an argument about what’s important, how the world is, what we should care about"

Micah Perks | What Becomes Us

"It was really the paintings that tipped me over into having the courage to start a novel about Edgar Degas in New Orleans"

Harriet Scott Chessman | The Lost Sketchbook of Edgar Degas

"I used to believe if the story was short the editing process would be a breeze–fewer words, fewer drafts"

Ravi Mangla | Understudies

"These days, I’m mainly interested in conveying the absolute terror and elation of parenthood. That’s where I’m at"

Josh MacIvor-Andersen | On Heights & Hunger

"Research was critical to feel comfortable writing about a period I hadn’t witnessed. It provided me with a certain ease"

Gisele Firmino | The Marble Army

"I was interested in the tone each writer used—reverential, myth-making. I didn’t know what I was going after"

William Walsh | Forty-four American Boys

"The ideas for my novels came to me in dreams. . . It would feel dishonest to take too much credit."

Rob Reynolds | Wire Mother Monkey Baby

"This music has a sense of authenticity and energy, that people made it because they felt something and had something to say"

Aaron Gilbreath | This Is: Essays on Jazz

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At Rooted: All Things Arboreal, Josh MacIvor-Andersen curates a series of writers' notes and prompts on the subject of trees. Inspired by ROOTED: The Best New Arboreal Nonfiction.

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