"I wanted to tell Dr. Martin everything. Dr. Martin was old enough to be my father. He used product in his hair. Dr. Martin wore jeans that went into the freezer at night, instead of into the washing machine. He wore vegan hand-stitched shoes. I knew they were vegan because I had seen them for sale online. Why did I want to tell Dr. Martin anything?"

What happens when pretending to be someone else on the Internet is no longer enough? VALLETTA78 is a wickedly serious story of online transformation, revealing how virtual exchanges redefine love and suffering in terms otherwise unattainable. For Valletta78, support groups for survivors of tragedies she's never suffered become a regular habit, a spiraling escape from a tedious marriage and a seductive expansion of everything that's possible. Combining first-person confessions with search and chat logs, VALLETTA78 is a mesmerizing mix of dark comedy and fragile truths.

Praise for Erin Fitzgerald

"The complex monsters in which you can see some aspect of yourself, some piece of the darkness in your own heart that you cannot face. in VALLETTA78, Fitzgerald lures us into the underbelly of online friendships and suburban dreams, persuaded by fictions, rooting for liars and self-destroyers, and loving every minute of it. She’ll make you think about accepting a friend request or taking advice from an online forum, and most of all, she'll make you think the next time you hit that send button yourself."

— Tara Laskowski, author of Modern Manners for Your Inner Demons and Bystanders

"This is no cautionary tale. Instead it is a beautifully, tautly written tale of modern life and how the cycle of despair leads us both closer to and farther away from our happiest selves."

— Myfanwy Collins, author of The Book of Laney

Erin Fitzgerald’s debut novella is, first and foremost, an ode to crying out into the techno-void during this early part of the internet age. If it’s possible to sum up the book in just one line, it’d have to be: Valletta78 is the story of people who need people but keep them forever at arm’s length. - Matt Gowen at Necessary Fiction

Erin Fitzgerald is the author of "This Morning Will Be Different," which appeared in Shut Up/Look Pretty (Tiny Hardcore Press, 2012). Her work has also been published in Hobart, The Rumpus, Salt Hill, PANK, and several anthologies. She lives in western Connecticut, and online at erinfitzgerald.net.

Erin Fitzgerald
120 pages
$12.00 paperback ISBN 9781937402839
$5.00 ebook ISBN 9781937402846

November 2015

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