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Charles P. Salt, pedophile, would like to settle down with a sweet girl.
But North American laws are unsympathetic to a man of his tastes.

So he's off to South East Asia, where he falls for a young prostitute. But his bliss is dampened by the constant fear of discovery.

TRIP is a mordant comedy about sex tourism in South East Asia.

A Lolita for the global economy.

Mindy Hung has written for The New York Post, The Awl, and The New York Times, among others. She is the past recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts fiction fellowship.

Praise for Mindy Hung's TRIP:
"Mindy Hung is a bolt out of the blue, and her writing is a shocking mixture of exquisite wordplay and tar-black humor. She makes the most taboo subjects imaginable feel uncomfortably accessible. TRIP engages the reader as much as it implicates him, and as likely as it is to draw comparisons to other novels, there's nothing else like it out there. This book belongs in hotel rooms.

- Daniel Bukszpan, Encyclopedia of New Wave, Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal

"Mindy Hung's writing is full of startling observations that are sometimes playful, other times haunting, and always infused with a wry humor. Her characters hold the reader transfixed, in all their flawed and complex humanity."

- Hope Vanderberg

"Mindy Hung's pointed observations and unforgettable characters lead us on an unnervingly sordid trip."

- Charlotte Warren

by Mindy Hung
238 pages

$18.95 paperback ISBN 9781937402310
$9.99 ebook ISBN 9781937402303

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