My father, in 1966, jumped off a third story hotel balcony with intentions of diving headfirst into a pool. The problem was, the supports were loose and gave way as he stood atop the iron railing and pushed off. . .

This is not your average New Jersey childhood: a circus tiger attack, a schoolmate’s abduction, heartbreaking addicts, and a blind bad-ass granny. Scott Loring Sanders’ suburban adolescence overflowed with perils: bone-crushing water slides, hitchhiking serial killers, a chilling collision in a ‘71 Impala. From his tough, complex father to Sanders’ own reckoning of fatherhood and alcohol, SURVIVING JERSEY is a tour-de-force exploration of the risks that shaped a generation’s youth.

Advance praise
"SURVIVING JERSEY is an amusement park of riches, and Scott Sanders is your brave, big-hearted tour guide, leading the way through a series of unforgettably madcap adventures. Exuberant, gritty, and laugh-out-loud funny, this book is one for the ages."
- Matthew Vollmer, author of Gateway to Paradise

"Childhood is precarious, and so are families, and apparently so is the Garden State. Scott Loring Sanders’ SURVIVING JERSEY brings all of these perilous locations vividly to life in an absorbing amalgam of ravenous tigers, crazy coincidences, memorable characters, and human folly. A good read for anyone from New Jersey, or anyone seeking a few compelling reasons to steer clear."
- Dinty W. Moore, author of Between Panic & Desire

Scott Loring Sanders has had short fiction and nonfiction widely published and anthologized, including work selected for Best American Mystery Stories and chosen as Notable in Best American Essays. Sanders has published two novels, a collection of short fiction, and was the Writer-in-Residence at the Camargo Foundation in Cassis, France. Surviving Jersey is his first book of nonfiction.

"We realize by the time we close this wonderful book that we have been reading not only about fear and human mistakes and how to survive despite them, or even how to take control over our lives in ways we had not previously imagined, but also about the richness of life, its connections and joys — the very things that help us hold onto hope for the future." - Roberta Silman, ArtsFuse

"Surviving Jersey takes one of the most fundamental human endeavors, to survive the hazards of our world, and applies it to hardy characters, questionable man-made structures, risky decisions, and life-altering events. It’s magic goes beyond asking Where are we going? and reminds us to also wonder: How did we make it to here?" - Drew Miles, Sweet

October 4, 2017, Porter Square Books, Cambridge
October 21, 2017, The Bookworm, Bernardsville, NJ
November 25, 2017, The Clinton Bookshop, Clinton, NJ

Surviving Jersey
Danger & Insanity in The Garden State
Scott Loring Sanders
206 pages
$15.00 paperback ISBN 9781944853358
$9.99 ebook

October 2017

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