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Outpost19 books are available at local bookstores as well as booksellers online. Our books are distributed by Ingram Publisher Services.

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Upcoming deliveries

December 2016
What Becomes Us, a novel by Micah Perks

January 2017
Forty-four American Boys: Short Histories of Presidential Childhoods by William Walsh

February 2017
Massive Cleansing Fire, stories by Dave Housley

March 2017
The Lost Sketchbook of Edgar Degas, a novel by Harriet Chessman

April 2017
Rooted: The Best New Arboreal Nonfiction, Introduction by Bill McKibben, edited by Josh MacIvor-Andersen

May 2017
Family, Genus, Species, a novel by Kevin Allardice

June 2017
One Million Maniacs: Babies Beanies, Rocket Cars and The Power of Collecting by William Walsh

July 2017
Golden State 2017: New Fiction and Nonfiction from California

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Outpost19 subscription service | $15/month

Original provocative reading.
Now with regular delivery.

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