I said, "I was thinking about the appeal of your music and I think it's that you sound like an actor playing the role of an aging rock star, which is precisely the appeal of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, not to mention Frank Sinatra and Léo Ferré." I also could have mentioned Iggy Pop.

A very true love story,
told in counterpoint,
about friendship, politics
and rock ‘n’ roll.

Swinging from present to past, from Liverpool to the Internet, two musicians and fellow travelers share their parts of the story, each in their own way.

In Barbara Browning’s eyes, Imre Lodbrog is the greatest aging French rock star you’ve never heard of, with the appeal of “Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan or Serge Gainsbourg on shrooms.”

For Imre Lodbrog, music is an alter-ego experience—a late-in-life outlet for a mild-mannered screenwriter deeply shaped by the generation of Mai 68.

Both ask the same questions: What revolution has wreaked more havoc and beauty than rock ‘n’ roll? And why do a certain few geniuses inside every revolution go silent and unrecognized?

Advance praise

"In Browning’s sights is "reality" as we think we know it. Her prose walks in the front door, but by the time she leaves all the furniture of your mind has been rearranged and nothing is quite the same. Still, Régnier has held his ground, telling his story with a heartfelt, quiet dignity. Together, they put you in a place both familiar and not, perched somewhere between fact and absurdity, the past and the present.

"What never gets lost is the sense of two great and benevolent minds at work, in complicity. Through her deceptively simple prose and his smoky, backwards-glancing reveries, they repaint the world. I found myself asking---is this real? Is this true? Only to give up eventually to the gravity of their creation, which is both true and not. Either way, they’re two writers you’re very happy to spend time with. It’s like being seated between the best dinner guests at a party of strangers. If you pick up this book, you're the lucky one. Like all good books, it leaves you with more questions than answers, but I guarantee these will be questions, like the title, you never asked before."
- David Duchovny, actor, writer, producer, director, novelist, and singer-songwriter

Barbara Browning is the author of The Gift (or Techniques of the Body), The Correspondence Artist and I’m Trying to Reach You. She earned a PhD in comparative literature at Yale and teaches in the Department of Performance Studies at NYU. Sébastien Régnier is a French song and screenwriter and winner of the French Grand Prize for Best Screenplay for Kabloonak.

"When I started reading this, I assumed it was a novel - a fictional autobiography, a clever commentary on the rock memoir's often loose association with the truth. Seeing them on YouTube just seemed like another part of the ruse... But they're real... A fascinating memoir of two rock stars you've never heard of." - Sylvie Simmons at Mojo magazine

"Barbara Browning’s books blur the lines between fiction and memoir, with a heady dose of artistic theory thrown in. Here, Browning and Sebastien Regnier explore the life of an aging musician and the myriad ways in which art and politics can overlap."
- Vol. 1 Brooklyn


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Sébastien Régnier and Barbara Browning
Who The Hell Is Imre Lodbrog?
210 pages
$16.00 paperback ISBN 9781944853389
$9.99 ebook

February 2018

Who The Hell Is Imre Lodbrog?


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