The dog, the dog, the dog -- the dog had taken over her life.

But this was not necessarily a bad thing.

Perhaps she had needed to have her life taken over. . .

Single, childless, J.T. Rosen -- a poet and college professor who has failed to live up to her early promise -- has constructed a careful, orderly life around her work and the little house she has lived in alone for many years. Long ago, after a tumultuous youth filled with the "Sturm und Drang of boys and men," she gave up on the possibility of love; she has begun by now, in the Middle Western town she cannot bring herself to think of as home, to give up on the possibility of friendship. When the dog enters her life, almost by accident he takes over her life, as puppies do. But as the days and weeks pass, the relationship that unfolds between dog and woman provides a glimpse for her of the possibilities that life still offers, of goodness that she begins to understand can be "counted on" in some inexplicable way.

Praise for Dog

"Phil the dog is one of the most admirable and engaging male characters you are likely to encounter between the pages of a book this year. His relations with the woman who has the good fortune to share his life are handled with exemplary insight, delicacy, and humor."
- J.M. Coetzee

"Herman writes with great good humor about a puppy invasion on a lonely life."
- New York Times Book Review

"Herman’s spare novella is a haiku of loneliness and human redemption."
- Entertainment Weekly

"Told with humor, insight, and intelligence, this novel is as thought--provoking as it is charming."
- Booklist

"Dog is a novel for any of us, of whatever age, who have taken a look at our lives and wondered how we became who we are."
- Boston Globe

"A tender story about aging and loneliness, about how you need to trust your own crazy feelings, and about how dogs can teach you to feel again."
- Between the Covers: The Book Babes' Guide to a Woman's Reading Pleasures

"Herman writes graciously about how we take other souls into our lives...She’s nimble, concise, and never mawkish."
- The Bark Magazine

A beloved short novel available again in paperback. Discover what it means to be in furry, crazy love.

Michelle is the author of Devotion, a novel, and Like A Song: Essays, both published by Outpost19. Longlisted for the 2014 PEN/Diamonstein-Spielvogel Award for the Art of the Essay for Stories We Tell Ourselves, she is also the author of The Middle of Everything (essays), Missing (a novel), and A Girl's Guide to Life (a book for children). Born and raised in Brooklyn, she has lived for many years in Columbus, Ohio, where she directs the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Ohio State.

Michelle Herman
149 pages
$16.00 paperback ISBN 9781937402884

March 2016

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