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. . .from the first decade of The Normal School magazine — the standard-bearer for creative nonfiction today. From a diverse list of authors, startling reflections on the exceptional and the everyday. An essential guide to the art of nonfiction, with new commentary from each contributor. Edited by Steven Church.

Joe Bonomo • Kristen Cosby • Timothy Denevi • Silas Hansen • Caitlin Horrocks • Todd W. Kaneko • Matthew Komatsu • Dickson Lam • EJ Levy • Patrick Madden • Brenda Miller/Julie Marie Wade • Thomas Mira Y Lopez • Ander Monson • Rick Moody • Dinty W. Moore • Jaclyn Moyer • Aimee Nezhukumatathil • Jericho Parms • Elena Passarello • Lia Purpura • Colin Rafferty • David Shields • Margot Singer • Ana Maria Spagna • Natalie Vestin • Jerald Walker • Rachel Yoder

Advance praise
“Indispensable for anyone interested in discovering new directions in the contemporary essay” - Robert Atwan, Best American Essays series founder and editor

The Normal School is a bi-annual journal featuring nonfiction, fiction, poetry, criticism and journalism, founded 10 years ago and nestled happily into the California State University at Fresno like a comfy spore in a benign and mighty lung. Founder and nonfiction editor Steven Church is the author of I’m Just Getting To The Disturbing Part: On Work, Fear and Fatherhood, One With the Tiger: Sublime and Violent Encounters Between Humans and Animals, Ultrasonic: Essays, The Day After The Day After: My Atomic Angst, Theoretical Killings: Essays and Accidents, and The Guinness Book of Me: a Memoir of Record. His essays have been published and anthologized widely, including in the Best American Essays (2011). He coordinates the MFA Program at Fresno State.

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The Spirit of Disruption:
Landmark Work from The Normal School
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May 2018

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