Miguel's story

"...It's only now, as an adult, that I fully realize what was going on.

"During disciplinary sessions, Father Alfonso always asked me why the other children taunted me and called me names. Only once did I come close to telling him of my attraction to other boys, but before I gathered the courage, he began to sermonize about how all people should follow the Ten Commandments and all the sacraments of the church. He told me to pay close attention to movies and cartoons, and to the fact that the prince always married the princess, had children and lived happily ever after. Father Alfonso also said that if what the children said about me was true, then I must take cold baths. That, he told me, would rid me of the devil.

"So, throughout my elementary school years, to cure myself and to be like other boys, I took frigid baths, following advice that was both physically and mentally torturous. Following Father Alfonso's advice, I did this to myself for many years..."

Adios, Mexico:
Two Gay

65 pages
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What we're talking about here isn't seen much in tourist zones like Puerto Vallarta or Cancun.

It's not what you'd expect in Mexico City either, where gay marriage and adoption were sanctioned in 2010.

But theses two real-life stories are all too common, adapted from asylum testimonies given by men born and raised in different parts of Mexico.

With an introduction from frontline advocates, the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant:

"Refugees are uniquely invisible compared to other immigrants... And an LGBT refugee has practically no chance of gaining asylum protections without legal counsel..."

There is much to love about Mexico. But only when we know stories like these can we help make LGBT lives there better.

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Proceeds benefit the East Bay Sanctuary Convenant LGBT Asylum Program.

Cover photo courtesy Eduardo Del Cerro López (flickr: uliv).

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