"Dr. Martin was old enough to be my father. He used product in his hair. Dr. Martin wore jeans that went into the freezer at night, instead of into the washing machine. . ."

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"a beautifully, tautly written tale of modern life and how the cycle of despair leads us both closer to and farther away from our happiest selves" - Myfanwy Collins


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"This novel casts a narcotic spell, leaving one savaged as well as tremendously impressed" - Elizabeth McKenzie

"a case study of narcissism, of the pathology of celebrity, and a detailed look at the complex world of competitive surfing. It is a funny and painful book, too, and one I greatly enjoyed" - Paul Theroux

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the latest: from Tyler's Last by David Winner

But the sun had shone so brightly, the water so blue, the martinis so cool in the winsome way of one’s first time abroad. America and its bedevilments had been banished from his life.

. . .A loud mechanical rumbling interrupts Tyler’s reverie. The speeding Alfa Romeo would have knocked the remaining life out of him if he hadn’t slipped off into the bushes. Which is all pretty offensive, and now one of his favorite Italian shirts is entangled in vines. , .”

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Aug 6
Jamie Brisick, Becoming Westerly, Pilgrim Surf & Supply, Williamsburg

Aug 7
Jamie Brisick, Becoming Westerly, Pilgrim Surf & Supply, Amagansett

Sept 10
Lisa Reisman, 5 Months 10 Years 2 Hours, lunch talk, Haverford College

Oct 4
David Winner, Tyler's Last, KGB Reading Series, New York

Oct 13
David Winner, Tyler's Last, Word Bookstore, Jersey City

Oct 14
Lisa Reisman, 5 Months 10 Years 2 Hours, reading and discussion, Blackstone Memorial Library, Branford, CT

Oct 17
David Winner, Tyler's Last launch party, 6:00pm, The Scratcher, New York

Nov 15
David Winner, Tyler's Last, Sunday Salon, New York


Fall 2015

Erin Fitzgerald

Feb 2016

Welcome to Christiania
Fred Leebron

California Prose Directory 2016
Sarah LaBrie, editor

Mar 2016

The Marble Army
Gisele Firmino

Michelle Herman

Terese Brasen

Hope For A Cool Pillow
Margaret Overton

June 2016

Patrick Fitzmike and Mike Fitzpatrick
Larry Smith

Madeleine E.
Gabriel Blackwell

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what folks are saying

"Fred Leebron is one of the best writers working today." Jenny Offill on Fred Leebron

"a remarkable and riveting investigation of human identity in all of its complexities " - Richard McCann on Jamie Brisick's Becoming Westerly

"it is a gift to find such candor and honesty" - VQR on Michelle Herman

"swift, merciless, unsparing" - Honor Moore on Lisa Reisman

"gorgeously wrought prose and a moral ambiguity so perfectly deployed" - Lauren Groff on Alison Wellford's Indolence

"no one else is writing like Douglas Watson" - Hanna Tinti

"the poet laureate of pop culture" - Matt Bell on Dave Housley

"funny, moving, perceptive, artful" - Joanna Scott on Ravi Mangla's Understudies

"some kind of mad artistic genius" - Paul Harding on Daniel Mueller

"one of the truly exciting and significant writers of his generation" - Richard Burgin on Colin Fleming

"the most harrowing portrait of American boys careening into boyhood that I've ever read" - Benjamin Whitmer on Something Pretty, Something Beautiful

"It's hard to imagine anything more charming" - Andrew Solomon on The Autobiography of Daniel J. Isengart

"the best kind of book -- a book that I could step into and out of quickly, a book with no space wasted and a book which made me wish that I had written it." - Joe Hessert, ARDOR, on inscriptions for headstones

". . .steeped in the tar and nicotine of Raymond Carver, and bathed in the crackerjack wisdom of Flannery O'Connor. . . Let's just say I spent the entire book hypnotized by McLeod's wordcraft" - David Abrams on Charles McLeod

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