| WINTER 2020

"A furious, darkly comic fable for this precise American moment”
- J. Robert Lennon

"Housley's a madman and his book is a pitch-perfect funhouse-mirror view of our ridiculous times"
- Rion Amilcar Scott

"Rob Roensch is the Jim Jarmusch of Central Oklahoma zoo-fiction—contemplative and dreamy and in awe of the strange”
- Benjamin Warner

"Captivating and fresh... both terse and enchanting. This is first-rate writing"
- Bobbie Ann Mason

"A tense and timely love story that probes the disastrous gulf between class and technology”
- Ben Marcus

"Immortality and extreme income inequality terrifyingly collide in this prescient debut"
- Hannah Lillith Assadi

"The most decadently imaginative thing I’ve read in years”
- Sandra Newman

"Endlessly inquisitive... a worthy addition to the canon of messy, strange, and keen women"
- Kirkus Reviews


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He is a little surprised...

that the new people in charge would have let it stay this way, but it is just the first day, and even the big man can’t do everything, Howard supposes, when all is said and done. Just like he thought all along, they have made a real mess of things and it will take time to clean it all up.

Read an excerpt from Howard and Charles at the Factory by Dave Housley

In the parking lot there are grackles.

In certain angles of light, there is a subtle blue sheen to the black feathers on their heads; otherwise they are deeply unpleasant. Their eyes are flat. Their beaks are crooked, like overgrown fingernails. They sound like malfunctioning appliances.

Read an excerpt from The World and The Zoo by Rob Roensch

Mice were now living indefinitely in laboratories all over the world.

The possibility of ‘freezing’ entire families in place at a moment in time had become a particularly attractive one to some. I looked over at Diane, the lights of the presentation flickering in her eyes. Her talk was supposed to address these very issues.

Read an excerpt from Godflower by Kevin Scott Magruder

Marie Bonaparte had her clitoris moved three times.

The first time in 1927 in Vienna, under the surgical knife of one Dr. Halban, who was reputed to have performed sex changes on men. All the ransacking of her childhood on the couch of her mentor Sigmund Freud had not cured Marie’s frigidity...

Read an excerpt from Still Life with Meredith by Ann Lewinson

What if a hundred words is all you’ve got—to do everything?

To reveal a character’s essence. To deliver telling moments. To take a reader’s breath away.

Read an excerpt from Nothing Short Of: Selected Tales from 100 Word Story

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