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""The richness of the essays in Aaron Gilbreath's THIS IS is a fitting tribute to the richness of jazz itself. Gilbreath weaves unique insight with a profound understanding of the history of jazz. His crisp prose and diverse range make you want to turn the page and run to the record store in equal measure." - Roxane Gay

"Braver’s novel THE DISAPPEARED is rich and humane, a tightly controlled, beautifully orchestrated portrait of contemporary terrors and the feedback loops of fear" — Paul Harding

"BOY ON A UNICYCLE is the story of a young man who falls in love with applause, who realizes at a dangerously young age that most people do not care about the difference between the truth and a lie—so long as they are entertained. A compelling and highly relevant tale in these times of fake news.” - Philipp Meyer

"Surviving Jersey is an absorbing amalgam of ravenous tigers, crazy coincidences, memorable characters, and human folly. A good read for anyone from New Jersey, or anyone seeking a few compelling reasons to steer clear." - Dinty W. Moore

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Imagine a completely different version of one one of jazz’s most revered compositions

sitting on a shelf in a Los Angeles office building for three decades without anyone knowing it...

Read an excerpt from This Is: Essays on Jazz by Aaron Gilbreath

The most insane waterpark ever created

was located in a small town in northern New Jersey: Action Park. Action Park was like the Wild, Wild West of waterparks...

Read an excerpt from Surviving Jersey by Scott Loring Sanders

The morning of the shooting

is the last day she’ll go out for a while. Already Lucy had been growing nervous about being out in public.

Read an excerpt from The Disappeared by Adam Braver

You should know, precocious journal,

that I’ve decided to move my life in a more positive direction in general.

Read an excerpt from Wire Mother Monkey Baby by Rob Reynolds

"Princess," the commemorative Princess Diana Beanie Baby bear,

first edition, royal violet with lace around her throat, a white rose over her heart, currently lists on eBay in upwards of three-hundred fifty-thousand dollars.

Read an excerpt from One Million Maniacs by David LeGault

Vee just wants to know where to put the present.

She’s gripping it, two-handedly, thumbs flicking the curled-up corners of tape. She’s holding it at a distance like a bomb, or maybe just something smelly...

Read an excerpt from Family Genus Species by Kevin Allardice

By the time Edgar came to visit us in New Orleans,

I could barely see the house at all, or the magnolia, or the lemon tree, or the toys scattered throughout the house, or the saffron rooms, the baby grand piano René had bought for me in Paris...

Read an excerpt from The Lost Sketchbook of Edgar Degas by Harriet Scott Chessman

His face crowned by a striking blond pompadour,

he commanded attention with playground taunts and classroom disruptions...

Read an excerpt from Forty-four American Boys: Short Histories of Presidential Childhoods by William Walsh

He could be making better money doing customer service again.

But he needs this: the two of them, literally whirling through the world, city to city, thigh to thigh, heart to heart...

Read an excerpt from Massive Cleansing Fire by Dave Housley

She’s in a smoky log cabin trying to breathe. Smoke stings her eyes into slits and pinches her throat closed.

She is pressed everywhere by people and dogs and smoke and the smell of urine and sweat. . .

Read an excerpt from What Becomes Us by Micah Perks

The day had come to die proper. You mightn’t think life had nothing more to offer a 35-year-old Joe Harper,

but then again you mightn’t have abandoned all your kin and returned home ten years on. . .

Read an excerpt from The Adventures of Joe Harper by Phong Nguyen

I see a universe animated by appetite. All history the story of hunger.

For sustenance, shelter, and sex. The hunger for power and love. . .

Read an excerpt from On Heights & Hunger by Josh MacIvor-Andersen

Back before she got really sick, Aunt Beth said she was going to haunt me someday.

Later, after her face turned moony, her movements slow, and her words edged like the little serrations on a butter knife, . . .

Read an excerpt from Following Disasters by Nancy McCabe

Sheri pushes her lips into a pout, reveling in the feel of the satiny layers of Miami Samba coating her lips

She says it aloud, Miami Samba, loving the smooth, waxy taste. . .

Read an excerpt from Children of the Country by Abigail R. Shaffer

For the first twelve years of my life they called me Larry.

And then, one day, they started calling me Dogsucker.

Read an excerpt from The Well-Stocked and Gilded Cage by Lawrence Lenhart

Even after watching Vertigo fifty-plus times, I have no mental picture of him.

Why is Stewart chasing this man? We will never know.

Read an excerpt from Madeleine E. by Gabriel Blackwell

There is no great sense of loss for those with limited expectations.

Inspired by the lives and careers Cardinal Francis Spellman and Cardinal Richard Cushing.

Read an excerpt from Patrick Fitzmike and Mike Fitzpatrick by Larry Smith

Bradley dresses like a child, and appears a child, against that sea of shirtsleeves and ties.

But like anything on a sea, he floats, he is above.

Read an excerpt from Adherence: A Romance by Ben Nickol

These people who think they are something, they are really not.

They come and go wrapped like gypsies at a carnival, sounding like artists, smelling of mildew. I can’t take them anymore.

Read an excerpt from Welcome to Christiania by Fred Leebron

I wake up to check my computer to see if I have posted anything I am now embarrassed by so I can delete it.

I get distracted by other things.

Read an excerpt from IRL by Timmy Reed

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