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"Fred Leebron is one of the best writers working today. If you haven't read him yet, this beautifully written novel is the one to get first"

- Jenny Offill

"a fierce lyrical tribute to the families that lived through the 1964 Brazilian coup d'état"

- Ada Limon

"an exquisite, intimate epic about family, injustice and resistance"

- Hector Tobar

"Michelle Herman's beautifully written and wise novel probes the crucial and enduring questions of how we choose our paths in life"

- Lynne Sharon Schwartz

"Hope for A Cool Pillow is a moving argument for the reform of end-of-life care"

- Kirkus Reviews

"Hilarious and compassionate... should also be read by anyone over 39"

- James McManus

"Madeleine E. is an impossibly entertaining book - indeed, a philosophical page turner"

- Amber Sparks

"Terese Brasen resurrects and reimagines a kind of Viking ballad from the fierce perspective of its women"

- Ashley Warlick

"a timeless tale of enslavement and empowerment"

- Jake Lamar

"a vigorous tumble through the power plays of sex, politics, and 20th-century Catholicism... Redemption, if it's possible, emerges from the mud"

- Dennis Mahoney

"Ben Nickol is that rare thing, a real writer"

- Donald Hays

a few recent wonderful books. . .

Valletta78 by Erin Fitzgerald
Tyler's Last by David Winner
Becoming Westerly by Jamie Brisick
A Book of Uncommon Prayer edited by Matthew Vollmer
Like A Song: Essays by Michelle Herman
5 Months 10 Years 2 Hours by Lisa Reisman

+ amazing reviews

Los Angeles Times, O: The Oprah Magazine, Times Literary Supplement, The Brooklyn Rail, CNN, The Oregonian, The Advocate and many, many others.

+ generous praise

with advance praise from Ann Beattie, William Finnegan, Zachary Lazar, Paul Theroux, Andrew Solomon, Charles Bock, Elizabeth McKenzie, John Casey, Myfanwy Collins, Honor Moore, Joan Leegant and many others.


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the latest: from Tyler's Last by David Winner

But the sun had shone so brightly, the water so blue, the martinis so cool in the winsome way of one’s first time abroad. America and its bedevilments had been banished from his life.

. . .A loud mechanical rumbling interrupts Tyler’s reverie. The speeding Alfa Romeo would have knocked the remaining life out of him if he hadn’t slipped off into the bushes. Which is all pretty offensive, and now one of his favorite Italian shirts is entangled in vines. , .”

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